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How do I stop illegal collection tactics?

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Have you ever felt threatened or scared by a collector on the phone? If you have, then chances are that they have broken the law. It is not legal for any collection agency to threaten or harrass you. If you have been threatened with lawyers if you dont pay so much money right now, then your rights have been violated and a crime has been committed against you.

Can Bad Credit and Debt Send Me to Jail?

We get into debt for many reasons, which I hope to document on this website. Facing debt collectors is something that anyone reading this credit repair website has experienced. You want to pay the debt..but cant.
What Happens if I cant pay the debt as fast as the debt collection agent or company expects me to?
When a collector threatens you with sending your account to the lawyers if you dont pay immediately, today, right now, or by a certain time of day, that collector is trying to get paid. They will get paid quite a bit if they can scare you into doing something you dont have to do, particularly under the duress and cut throat time frames that the illegal debt collector requires of you. Sometimes these collectors are trying to get you to pay a high interest loan, which may have even been given to you by a predatory lender. You are not alone, this happens to millions of  Americans every day.

Illegal Debt Collection Techniques

There are many tricks and coercive techniques that illegal debt collectors use to put fear in you. These are just a few of the most outlandish - and illegal.

  • I am talking to the lawyers on the other line.(They most likely dont even know "the lawyers".
  • You must pay by 5:00 pm or I am going to be forced to send your account to "the attorneys" to file suit against you.
  • You have to borrow money from someone..perhaps you can borrow it from a family member or a friend. 
  • Debt collectors must give you the name of the company that they work for, and if you ask, they must supply you with some sort of written document, via regular mail, with the name of the debt collection company and the intent of the letter. If they dont do this, dont even think about paying illegal debt collection agencies a cent!

Credit Repair and Illegal Debt Collection Tactics. 

Illegal Debt Collection Tactics Should NEVER succeed.

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Debt Collection is Legal. Threats to Collect the Debt are NOT!

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