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How can I repair my own credit ?

Repairing my own credit was not very hard. Below I will share a bit of my bad credit to good credit story, and give you some helpful first steps and tips to take toward raising your credit score fast and being well on your way to repairing your own credit.
My credit score was low, I thought I would never be able to raise my credit rating one point, let alone the 142 points that I ended up gaining. It was easier than I thought, and even though I had some pesky utility company disputes open on my credit report, I was still able to add points to my credit score and begin to fix my own credit without shelling out any of my weekly pay check.


Armed with information about what goes into the calculation of your credit score, you can develop your own plan for improving your score. Here are my nine best ways to improve your score:

Order a copy of your credit report. Review it carefully. Correct any significant errors.
Pay your bills on time.
Don't open a lot of new accounts over a short time period, especially if you have a short credit history.
Shop for credit over a short period of time. FICO scores distinguish between searching for credit for a specific loan and searching for lots of different credit lines.
If you have a questionable credit history, open a few new credit accounts, use them responsibly, and pay them off on time.
Don't open credit accounts you don't intend to use.
A credit card or installment loan can raise your score as long as you don't have too high a balance and you pay it off in a timely manner.
Keep your balance low in relation to your available credit. If your credit limit is $10,000, keeping your balance below $2,500 (25%) will improve your score.
Pay off credit card debt rather than move it around to lower rate cards. Moving balances to other credit cards and closing out the old account can hurt your score because it can change the ratio of your total credit card balances to your total available credit lines.

Negative items affect your credit score much more quickly than positive items. Late payments can negatively affect your score in just a few months, whereas paying bills on time may take 6 to 12 months to generate a significant improvement in your score.

Can Bad Credit and Debt Send Me to Jail?

When a collector threatens you with sending your account to the lawyers if you dont pay right now, by a certain time, that collector is trying to get paid. They will get paid quite a bit if they can scare you into doing something you dont have to do, particularly under the duress and cut throat time frames that the illegal debt collector requires of you. Sometimes these collectors are trying to get you to pay a high interest loan, which may have even been given to you by a predatory lender. You are not alone, this happens to millions of  Americans every day.

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Illegal Debt Collection Tactics Should NEVER succeed.

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